Monday, July 18, 2011

Hatching eggs

Thirty nine years old and I still get a kick out of hatching eggs. We have really increased our flocks this year.We have also added several new varieties.
  • Red golden pheasants
  • Yellow golden pheasants
  • Bronze turkeys
  • Chinese fancy button quail
  • Some rare chickens
  • and New Zealand rabbits.

It's been a lot of fun hatching eggs with my children. They can tell you how many days it takes to hatch a quail, pheasant, turkey or chicken. They did their own research to figure this out. It has been a good learning experience for them.

My young entrepreneurs also sell hatching eggs, chicks and bunnies. I would have to say the quail are by far the funnest to hatch. To see a little chick the size of a grape hopping around is pretty cool!

We've just hatched over 30 quail this morning. We are selling the chicks for $2 each. We also have hatching eggs for sale, that we can ship.


  1. what kind of chick do you have in your hand?

  2. These are Fancy Chinese Button Quail.