Monday, July 9, 2012

Building a Rabbit Hutch with my Daughter

In large families most of our time is shared between multiple children. But each child needs one-on-one time, not with just Mom, but Dad as well. I always make a point to get that one-on-one time in. Whether it's taking one of the children with me somewhere, working on a project together, or just hanging out and playing games.

Today it was my daughter Renee's turn. She had been asking me for several weeks to help her build a rabbit hutch. I set aside the whole day just for her. She was so excited to finally be able to spend the day working on this project together. She got up early, and couldn't wait to get started!

Here's the paper template we used to make the cut-outs for the doors.

By lunch time, the temperature outside was over 100 degrees! I asked her, "Would you like to stop and go swimming?" She answered, "No, let's keep working on my rabbit hutch." Not the answer I expected!

I was surprised at her determination to finish the project, especially with it being so hot out. I enjoyed spending the day with my little girl. It is very important that we set aside time just for them.After a hard day's work, Renee's 10 foot long "rabbitat" was complete!


  1. Jason,

    Beautiful project! Are the plans available anywhere?

  2. Sorry, no plans. My daughter and I just built this from scratch out of left-over materials.